Executive and Director Recruitment

Hiring a leader is a significant organisational event. You can trust BKD with this responsibility because....

Your success is our success

The BKD Promise

At BKD Executive Leaders we believe that people are at their inspired best when their purpose and values are aligned with the values of their organisation and those they serve. Our promise is to find people with the will to invest their energy in your purpose, and the talent to deliver the outcomes that support your success.

The BKD Advantage

With over 100 years of combined industry experience at the coal face of Sport, Entertainment and Media, the BKD team understands what is required to be successful.  Our time 'in the game' has created significant Australian and International networks within our fields. This network keeps us in touch with both talent and current trends.

How BKD Recruits

When we receive a brief, we quickly leverage our network to create a pool of prospective candidates. To then determine who we recommend is a responsibility we take very seriously. To recruit a high performer, we ensure that the Talent identification and Talent Assessment process is rigorous. Our reputations depend on getting this right.

The steps BKD uses to find you the best talent are:

Understand the Role, Engage our Talent Pool 

The recruitment process begins by creating a Success Profile for the role. BKD's Reverse Brief tool ensures a deep understanding of:

  • What success in the role looks like
  • The essential technical knowledge and skills
  • The key behavioural capabilities / competencies
  • The leadership requirements
  • What a cultural fit looks like

With this knowledge we engage our network and identify potential candidates. We also search for candidates not directly known to us and we will sound out appropriate 'passive' candidates who may not be actively looking to change roles. BKD is committed to building an outstanding candidate pool.

Talent Assessment and Presentation

To assess the candidates suitability and fit for a role we answer the following questions:

  • WHAT HAVE THEY DONE? We explore their work history and career achievements
  • WHY HAVE THEY DONE IT? A motivational interview uncovers their motivation, needs and interests
  • HOW HAVE THEY DONE IT? Conduct a Behavioural Interview to explore how the candidate works

The information gathered is then mapped against the desired Success Profile built from the Reverse Brief. This ensures that our recommendations are not compromised by ‘gut feel' and ‘unconscious bias'. Confident in our recommendations we will present you with the exciting possibilities our candidates offer.

To add further rigour to the process, BKD offers psychometric assessments of personality and ability. With BKD's expert interpretation, these scientifically validated tools yield additional information that is proven to enhance the certainty of your hiring decision.

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