Account Director at Taboo


Taboo is an experience led full service agency. They are a team of thinkers, makers and entrepreneurs. Taboo works from an understanding that people today are literate, socially-connected and come equipped with strong brand detectors. This has led to the end of the age where customers are happy to take a brand at its word. Taboo have made it their business to understand the invisible lines between interesting and self-interested, and because of this, they’re specialists in earning attention through creating ideas that people actually want to be a part of.


The Role (Melbourne)

The Account Director (AD) leads a client account, or set of accounts, within the agency, ensuring that they are profitable and creatively exceptional . They are responsible for ensuring that the agency is meeting the client’s needs, working with all the key functions that go into creating the agency’s advertising output. AD’s need to champion great work and to take responsibility for the delivery of a quality creative product that meets the client’s needs and addresses their business problems. They will do so through the effective management of their own team and their ability to lead and inspire others inside and outside the agency. They will regularly be involved in new business pitches, approaching these with both a creative and commercial mindset.



Expressions of interest in the role responsibilities and success factors, which may include a covering letter and CV, should be emailed to