Director, Strategy & Experience @ CHE Proximity


CHE Proximity believe that more than ever before the medium, the messaging and sequencing are inseperable from each other.

‘Unlike any time in history, connecting the medium, the message, and its sequencing to the consumer is more vital than ever.

Connected creativity is the synchronisation of strategic positioning, engaging creative, combined with the next generation of engagement planning to ensure ideas create the cut-through needed to deliver the strongest commercial performances. Today, creativity cannot be left to chance. One brand expression or big TV ad is simply not enough.

More than ever, brands need to live in culture and our consumers worlds, allowing audiences to not only consume brands, but take part in owning, creating and amplifying them. To do this, the role of influencers, publishers, the news and bought media are inseparable from each other and the expression of the idea itself. To create such work, the classic disciplines of the marketing mix – advertising, experience, PR, CRM, media, digital – must all be unified, removing P&Ls, biases and incumbency to reveal a new breed of agnostic agency, resulting in connected creativity.

At CHE Proximity, they see this as the shift from brand as advertising to brand as experience. It is as profound a change in advertising as the printing press was to the democratisation of information. CHE Proximity are investing their every effort into leading this transformation and in doing so, supporting the sustainability of their cherished industry as an essential ingredient of modern commerce.

This is what they call Connected Creativity.


The Role (Melbourne):

Investing in People

Mentor/Coach the broader team – Planning, Investment & Performance

Key People and Development support for the media team

Support the team in their development and build them to be key individuals within the agency

Help the team problem solve, time management, build relationships internally within the agency and with clients


Pumping up Media

Maintain and develop GAD relationships to ensure consistency of expectations and output of work

Design processes and instigate relationships between Brand Planning team and Media to ensure consistent strategies across our clients

Interrogate current media partners to identify new business opportunities and take relevant ideas to internal stakeholders

Encouraging media to be present at all creative briefings to ensure we are driving the ideal full service scenario

Build training initiatives for Account Service and manage internal media training


Showcasing CHEP

Continue working closely with Client Patch and managing these specific client relationships

Consistency of Output from the agency – proud of presentations, pushing the boundaries (wow moments), media firsts

Work on new business with:

  • Key involvement in pitches
  • Scout new business opportunities
  • Key contact for new client onboarding/set up

Continue to build strong relationships with media partners to ensure we are delivering the best outcomes for our clients and making partners want to work with CHEP.


This role requires at least 5 years relevant industry experience (applicants should outline such experience within the application).

Expressions of interest which may include a cover letter and CV should be forwarded to