Group Sales Manager, VIC Key Accounts @ News Corp Australia


News Corp Australia are Australia’s number one and most influential media organisation with more than 150 prestige brands across news, sport and lifestyle. Each month more than 17 million Australians choose to consume news and information from News Corp Australia’s digital and print products – more than any other media group in Australia.


The Role

Lead your team to develop and drive advertising sales strategies and innovative responses to campaign briefs and grow revenue from national key accounts. Provide client-focussed media solutions across all of News Corp’s offerings including digital, print, video, podcasts and content integration.

Reporting to a Group Sales Director, you will lead a team of experienced and motivated Key Account Sales Managers while demonstrating your tenacity and resilience to forge strong relationships with direct clients.

    • Mentor and coach the team ensuring they reach their potential and exceed their sales targets.
    • Maintain a high performance culture of collaboration and creativity to ensure commercial business goals are met.
    • Interpret industry trends and guide the team to deliver creative concepts to meet client expectations.
    • Identify opportunities for the business to grow/diversify revenue.
    • Bring your proven experience in tailoring media advertising solutions to this role where your innovative ideas will be embraced.


Expressions of interest which may include a cover letter and CV should be forwarded to