Media Manager at Bohemia Group


Bohemia was founded in 2011 to challenge the definition of media, and the function of a media agency. They do this by harnessing the power of media in all its forms to create profitable customer growth for clients.

This is wrapped in a 100% transparent business model that always puts clients first.   What it takes to be a Bohemian Success at Bohemia and as a Bohemian is as much about attitude as it is behaviour.

Bohemia hold themselves and each other accountable to a set of values that have helped shape their culture and made them the happiest media agency in the country. (Source: Media i 2018)

They celebrate the essence of ‘Bohemian’ in their vision to become remarkable. It’s an ambitious vision to create remarkable brands for their clients, create remarkable work for their clients, create a remarkable service culture for their clients and to create a remarkable workplace that they cherish and protect.

As a Bohemian you’re expected to uphold these values, protect them, encourage them and most importantly live them every single day.

The Bohemia Values

  •  Bring A “kid like curiosity” to everything you do.
  • Fiercely protect and celebrate the wondrous and eclectic family we are.
  • Be for blood, sweat & passion
  • Take pride in the work that you do, it’s important.
  • Eat courage for breakfast.
  • Be ambitious, be bold and be daring.


The Role

To deliver planning & implementation excellence to Bohemia’s Melbourne based clients in a passionate and positive way. To manage the Media Executives and Coordinators to deliver all planning and investment tasks as per the UNITY Process.

Reporting to the Media Director, and managing direct reports of Media Executives and Co Ordinators, a Media Manager transforms ideas into reality. They make the intangible, tangible, and they turn thinking into being. It’s an enormously important position and demands an equally remarkable person.

A Media Manager, under the leadership of the Media Director, is at the centre of the Bohemian operating system, interfacing with clients, strategists, investment managers, creative, digital specialists, data analysts, PR specialists, publishers, curators and any other stakeholders we need to galvanise around ideas to deliver the desired client outcome.

A Media Manager is curious, passionate, inspired and just a little bit obsessive. This is the critical role that works with media partners to add the Da Vinci Dust to all channels at the planning and implementation phase.


The Media team are a collective of senior and experienced Bohemians, who are in the business of driving superior client outcomes.

As a Media Manager at Bohemia you have significant responsibilities, which encompasses a broad range of tasks including development of innovative media strategies through to implementation planning and investment.

You are now at a defining point in your career having client, media and shared management responsibilities across agency disciplines. We are excited to see and expect you to add real value within your team and across the agency. When asked, your clients would say you are proactive.


Expressions of interest, which may include a covering letter and CV, should be emailed to

Applications Close Friday 25th April